Maintain Good Health with Living a Healthy Lifestyle. Be Free from Injury or Disease.

Stop health decay by adopting healthy living habits. Prevent or minimize the risks of illness by making a few simple lifestyle changes

Articles about Disease Prevention

Obesity, Its Constituents and Ways to Fight It

How can obesity affect life and health and how lose pounds while staying healthy? Obesity is the most common nutritional problem in the United States. What is the cause of obesity? There is a certain metabolic interrelationship between the various tissues and organs of the body. There is also a cyclic condition in the body […]

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Food Safety and Protection from Bacteria Causing Digestion Problems

Tips on How to Keep Cooked or Uncooked Products as Safe as Possible Summer is the time for family reunions, road trips, summer vacations, and days off. Cooking out always brings out family, friends, and neighbors following the lingering aroma of charcoal and chicken, and the sounds of the radio blasting. As we eat together, […]

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Psychosomatic Diseases and the Ways to Cope With Them

Origin of Psychosomatic Diseases and Their Treatment Psychosomatic diseases are conditions that have their origin or are aggravated by mental state. So, if a person has a physical disease he might aggravate it by thinking negatively but there are other issues that make a disease psychosomatic. Some of the diseases are triggered by the brain’s […]

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The Strong Dependence of Fertility on Nutrition

You could ask how nutrition could be an important factor in serious problems like infertility. Numerous studies proved that fact years ago and we could help a lot our fertility with choosing a proper diet with essential nutrients and vitamins.  

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Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer

Principles of preventing and fighting with cancer – ways to reduce risk of cancer What does primary prophylaxis the means? The primary prophylaxis has as a purpose the removal of carcinogenesis – the process of tumors apparition. First of all, its goal is to eliminate the contact with carcinogens. How is the primary prophylaxis accomplished? […]

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To Avoid Osteoporosis Keep Your Bones Strong Throughout Adulthood

Osteoporosis Can Occur at Any Age Bone is not a dead substance. It is alive and it performs important functions, one of which is the storage of calcium which is used to maintain the strength of the bone itself. Our bones are in a state of constant change. Old bone cells are always being replaced […]

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Disease prevention is a hard work that is best achieved trough collaboration between clinicians, health professionals, scientists, communities and patients.
Changes in dieting and regular physical activity may be the key to reversing almost epidemic obesity in North America and to reducing the risks of developing some chromic diseases.