Ways to stay energetic through the day without paying a cent.

Cheer Up and Feel More Energetic

All of us feel sometimes, or even few times a day, that we don’t have enough energy or will for simple actions.

Here are some simple and affordable tips to avoid spring blues.

1. Start the day with light. Draw off the curtains and enjoy the light. If there isn’t enough light you may turn on the lights in your room. The same thing is valuable for light in your office. Try to choose a more lightened place instead of seating in shade.

2. Go into the street. Even few minutes would help you feel more energetic.

3. Listen to energetic music. Join in the song and dance if you want to.

4. Give your ears’ lobes a massage. It’s amazing how easily a simple massage could help get rid of drowse.

5. Rise on your fingertips and stay as long as you can.

6. Tickle your palate with the tip of your tongue. Even weird, this method would give you an invigorative effect.

7. The best way to cheer up is to laugh. Watch funny videos, read a funny comics and the laugh would stimulate your mind.

8. Call up your close friend. It would cheer you up because socializing is one of the best known free energizers.

9. If you feel a drowse, a menthol candy or chewing gum might help. Even a so small physical action may cheer you up.

10. Drink some cold water. You may moisten your temples and wrists. This would awaken you.

11. Do you have any hobby? A hobby can easy take away tiredness.

12. Do you love sitting all night on the Internet? It would be better to spend time on better things like having a good sleep.

13. Apples, raspberries, oranges and grapefruits would give you a lot more energy comparing to pastry and meat.

14. Those who adopt a raw food lifestyle always report that they have more energy, clarity of mind and sleep soundly. For more information about raw food diet visit eating raw blog