Maintain Good Health with Living a Healthy Lifestyle. Be Free from Injury or Disease.

Stop health decay by adopting healthy living habits. Prevent or minimize the risks of illness by making a few simple lifestyle changes

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Healthy Living: Good Habits for Good Health

A Practical Guide To Healthy Living Ever looked at an athlete and wonder how do they manage to do what they do with consummate ease and maintain their health in such pristine of conditions? If their shape and fitness is a concern for envy for you then welcome to healthy living and enjoy the information. […]

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Health Risk Factors of Unhealthy Lifestyles

Top 10 methods to shorten your life – A List of Bad Advice It would be wise to read and do it otherwise ( living a healthy lifestyle is way to prevent diseases) Rocker Tommy Lee once said:” We are here not to live long, but to have fun”. Many of us are following this […]

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A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Body

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body Brain activity builds up a healthy body; listen to your mind – help you body It is a known fact that positive imagery has the capacity to generate positive emotions. The connection between our state of mood and the healing process in some cases is very important. When someone visualizes […]

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Lifestyle-Related Diseases

Nearly 50% of all deaths in the United States are lifestyle-related, and thereby preventable. Growing evidence indicates that of the top ten causes of death, five are attributable, at least in part, to dietary habits established in childhood. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows that, despite being an overweight population, North Americans remain […]

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What are the Easiest Foods to Digest? Part I

Food to eat when having gastrointestinal problems or conditions. Eating constitute a great part of our life and it turned the way we eat and the food we pick have a big impact on the way we look, feel or even the way we behave. While there are heavy foods for our stomachs to digest, […]

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Methods to Cheer Up Without Coffee and Energy Drinks

Ways to stay energetic through the day without paying a cent. All of us feel sometimes, or even few times a day, that we don’t have enough energy or will for simple actions. Here are some simple and affordable tips to avoid spring blues. 1. Start the day with light. Draw off the curtains and […]

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Focusing on recent studies and from people’s lifelong experience we can say for sure that people can improve their health via exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep, limiting alcohol intake, avoiding smoking and maintaining a healthy body weight.
A study published in 2004 year found that adding just 30 minutes of walking (!) per day was enough to prevent weight gain and encourage moderate weigh loss.
Another study found that 10 minutes of walking per day are as effective as a daily half-hour walking in decreasing risk factors for heart diseases.
Reducing fat intake, cutting on sugar and salt and adding more fruits to your diet, can make difference. Whatever your goals are, these baby steps would help you achieve them.
Improving nutrition may be the big step to a better life and a strong health. But how to improve nutrition? Begin with rejecting ‘empty’ products with no nutritional value. Buy whole food, preferably from farm, and use them in place of processed food you usually buy at groceries. Add fruits and vegetables to your meal and it’s preferably to do it when you have your dinner. Start each dinner with a mixed salad and it would help reduce your appetite for more caloric food.
If you’re too busy for physical exercise, try to do them at your office, in your car or when you’re standing in lines. Of course, it won’t be the usual activity you’re doing at the gym but it’s a muscle contraction at least. Try this: when you’re in your car and every time you stop at traffic light, tighten your tights and butt muscles as many times as you can. You can invent your own exercises invisible for others.
Healthy living does imply the knowledge and using of some stress management techniques. The best stress relievers are well-known to be are: hugging the partner every day, short kisses, meditation, a good cry, speaking out the problem and socializing.
For a better sleep eat a handful of walnuts before bed, don’t watch TV at least 3 hours before going to bed and buy a new orthopedic pillow and a good mattress.
Researches show that people that are more social active are less likely to experience a loss of memory.