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Articles about Natural Health Products

Raw Honey and Its Powers on Restoring and Maintaining Good Health

Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized, heated or processed in any way thus preserving all the important nutrients. There are big differences between raw and pasteurized honey. Raw form of honey is an alkaline forming product that contains natural vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and other important nutrients. These important nutrients are destroyed during […]

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Differences between Types of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most well-known and most commonly consumed vitamin in the world. It is arguably the most important nutrient with its broad functions in the body. But few consumers know much about vitamin C. This article will not focus on why vitamin C is important, (there are many resources that describe the health […]

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Lowering Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Food products that lower the cholesterol levels – natural remedies for lowering ldl cholesterol 19 products lowering LDL levels 1. CHERRIES. American scientists discovered that the daily consumption of cherries decrease the cholesterol, as well as the risk to get other diseases as diabetes and arthritis.  It is not necessarily to consume fresh cherries. It […]

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7 Products to Loose Your Weight

Fruits and Vegetables for a Slender Waist A short guide with the most useful fruits and vegetables to lose your weight. Fastest way to lose weight and be healthy The scientists from Tokyo discovered in their recent research that women which have in their ratio more liquid containing products have a lower index of weight […]

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Antioxidant Activity in Fruits, Vegetables, Tea and Wine

Antioxidants – Useful information with practical application All about antioxidants activity, details about different kind of antioxidants and the products with the greater amount of antioxidants – (Antioxidants are nutrients that protect against health-threatening “free radicals.” Antioxidants neutralize “free radicals” before they can attack healthy cells and cause damage.  There are over 50 degenerative diseases […]

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For the next decade health and wellness will continue to be a major global trend as consumers’ interest in the connection between physical exercises, diet and disease increases. People who care about their health and the health of the next generations, chose natural products and have a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients included. Human beings need and benefit from natural products.
Many years ago there wasn’t any subject like ‘natural food products’ but today when there are so many hidden truths about genetically modified products, irradiated food products and more, there is a high necessity of coming back to nature.
There’s no need to say how important and useful are natural products, especially if compared to pseudo-natural or unnatural products.