Origin of Psychosomatic Diseases and Their Treatment

Psychosomatic Diseases

Psychosomatic diseases are conditions that have their origin or are aggravated by mental state. So, if a person has a physical disease he might aggravate it by thinking negatively but there are other issues that make a disease psychosomatic. Some of the diseases are triggered by the brain’s response to stress.

Depending on the specific disease, the treatment and the approach to it are different. Healthcare workers will usually take into account mental and social factors that might contribute to disease origin or worsening.

Treatments for psychosomatic diseases include almost the same methods that help coping with stress, anxiety and depression:

Relaxation – is an important part of the cure and it might prevail when it’s a case of mild psychosomatic disease.

Meditation – the role of meditation might not be understood by the patient but the recent studies show that it could have a primordial role in treating psychosomatic diseases.

Yoga. Many of the yoga poses strengthen the nervous system, improving willpower, making the nerves stronger, improving at the same time the ability to concentrate, which in turn help to strengthen mental and emotional health. Yoga has the power to strengthen the mind and body one being able to fight with any psychosomatic problems and physical diseases too.

Talk therapy. It can be difficult to convince a patient with an advanced case of disease that his problems might have mental origins but talk therapy might help with that, having as a consequence symptoms amelioration.

Psychotherapeutic technique makes patients express the symptoms into written words. Once the symptoms were written on a piece of paper, doctors can visualize and understand better the patient. Studies showed that this kind of therapy alone reduced symptoms frequency.

Social support. A healthy lifestyle and socializing are also a part of the therapy. The patient is encouraged to adopt a healthier lifestyle reducing thus stress and its constituents.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. Patients are encouraged to examine the negative thoughts that might be irrational and could trigger the symptoms. By analyzing and rationalizing the negative thoughts there is high probability symptoms to be reduced.

Seek immediate medical care if you’re experiencing symptoms of mild or major depression, sleeping problems or persistent feelings of emptiness or hopelessness.

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