Short Rules for a Healthier Life

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Every one of us wants to be healthier, look younger and live longer. How to achieve all of these things? Read the next tips and improve your health and your life.

1.    Sleep at least 8 hours a night.

Delaying the Aging Process by Improving the Quality of the Sleep

2.    Try to fall asleep and get up at the same time every day.

Negative Effects of Lack of Sleep

3.    Do physical exercises.

Health Benefits of Exercises

4.    Exclude fast-food from your menu.

Good Nutrition Tips

5.    Include in your everyday menu berries, fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet

6.    Try to eat at the same hour every day.

7.    Drink at least 1500 ml. of water

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8.    Think positive. Think about good things and it would come true.

Tips on positive thinking

9.    Make running one of your habits.

10.  Give up all vices and things that steal your energy.

11.   Smile a lot and laugh even more.

Laughter Benefits for Health

12.  Sit and walk straight.

13.  Meditate every single day.

14.  Relax and listen to calm music.

Music can heal body, soul and mind at the same time. Proven

Don’t forget that rules cannot be applied to everyone. Do things that make you happy and share with others your experience and your good mood.

Stay healthy and maintain your health !