Supplementation is increasingly seen as necessary for maintaining health.

Nutritional Supplements

Over the past twenty years a major change has swept across the country. From medical researchers to doctors to nutritionists, experts are acknowledging the need for nutritional supplementation in addition to a healthy diet.

How would you like to experience…

• Better health?
• Improved physical capabilities?
• Increased energy levels?
• Relief from chronic illnesses?
• Protection against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Do you have any of the following health concerns?

• Mind (memory, concentration, or other cognitive issues)
• Obesity or other weight concerns
• Stress or depression
• Blood sugar management concerns
• Pain from conditions like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia
• Heart and vascular conditions
• Hormonal changes (PMS-menopause)
• Poor digestive system
• Vision protection (macular degeneration, cataracts, poor night vision)
• Immune concerns (herpes, colds & flu, allergies, wound healing, etc.)

It is likely specialized nutritional support can help achieve long term relief without the side effects that occur with medications.

Modern food production

• Processing depletes important nutrient content.
• Factory farming decreases soils of essential minerals and trace elements.
• Storage prior to reaching market further reduces essential nutrients.
• Packaged foods are very high in sodium, sugar and many preservatives that contribute to the development of health problems such as cancers.
• Cooking further degrades already deficient foods.

Our Modern Lifestyles
• Environmental toxins in the air, water and soil
• Stress at work, during the commute and at home
• Increasing longevity–as we age our bodies’ nutritional requirements change
• Eating choices: fast foods, high sugar, high fat foods and food additives
• Unhealthy habits: smoking, drinking, insufficient sleep and exercise

You don’t need any supplements if:

• You care about your lifestyle and your diet
• You have a big variety of food products in your daily menu
• Your food include different colors products
• You know how to choose/ store/ prepare food products in order to preserve important vitamins and nutrients
• Your meals are different everyday

When choosing nutritional supplements try to remember some rules:

• Expensive doesn’t always mean Good and Qualitative
• Don’t buy supplements from companies with obscure reputation
• Read instructions for allergic components
• Read instructions for side effects

For better results ALWAYS choose qualitative nutritional supplements.