Maintain Good Health with Living a Healthy Lifestyle. Be Free from Injury or Disease.

Stop health decay by adopting healthy living habits. Prevent or minimize the risks of illness by making a few simple lifestyle changes

Articles about Maintaining a Healthy Body

Tips for Healthier Eyes

Rules and recommendations for those concerned about their eyes health Eye problems could arise from nutritional deficiencies or they could be a symptom of problems elsewhere in the body. For example blurring of vision could be due to high blood pressure or diabetes, under eyes dark circles could be due to anemia, yellowing of the […]

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Raw Honey and Its Powers on Restoring and Maintaining Good Health

Raw honey is honey that has not been pasteurized, heated or processed in any way thus preserving all the important nutrients. There are big differences between raw and pasteurized honey. Raw form of honey is an alkaline forming product that contains natural vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and other important nutrients. These important nutrients are destroyed during […]

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Achieving Better Health with Nutritional Supplements

Supplementation is increasingly seen as necessary for maintaining health. Over the past twenty years a major change has swept across the country. From medical researchers to doctors to nutritionists, experts are acknowledging the need for nutritional supplementation in addition to a healthy diet. How would you like to experience… • Better health? • Improved physical […]

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Differences between Types of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most well-known and most commonly consumed vitamin in the world. It is arguably the most important nutrient with its broad functions in the body. But few consumers know much about vitamin C. This article will not focus on why vitamin C is important, (there are many resources that describe the health […]

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To Avoid Osteoporosis Keep Your Bones Strong Throughout Adulthood

Osteoporosis Can Occur at Any Age Bone is not a dead substance. It is alive and it performs important functions, one of which is the storage of calcium which is used to maintain the strength of the bone itself. Our bones are in a state of constant change. Old bone cells are always being replaced […]

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Prevention is the Key to Cope with Heart Diseases

Heart Disease Affect People of All Ages When asked which disease they fear most of all, most people answer unhesitatingly, “cancer.” Now, cancer is to be feared, but it doesn’t kill as many people as heart disease. Heart disease is not limited to very aged, frail little old men and women. Anyone can have it, […]

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It is believed that a long and happy life comes from living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a top subject today but getting an appropriate amount of sleep, regular physical exercises and a balanced diet is a must for everyone who wants to live a better life being healthier at the same time. Ignoring these factors may lead in time to immune system weakening, people being thus more susceptible to illnesses.
How important may be sleep for our health, you’ll be asking. It’s very important because good health rests on a good night sleep. You spend about one-third of your life sleeping and scientists still didn’t find any substitute for sleep. Deep, optimal sleep strengthens the immune system and increases memory. It’s also essential for coordination, concentration and clear speech. During the night the cells in body repair and recover, growth hormone is released that giving us people a younger or at least good looking skin.
Sleep deprivation can a have a deep impact on health, causing major health problems such as high blood pressure. A good sleep is essential, not a luxury that’s why try to get the optimal amount of sleep per night.
Regular physical activity is a very important component of a healthy lifestyle.
Mental exercising is also very important because a healthy mind is an important component of a healthy body.