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Restore and Preserve your Hearth Health with Physical Exercises

13 benefits of exercising regularly – what says science about benefits over hearth health Hearth is affected by many factors, internal or external but one of the top risk factors is a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. It’s a risk factor but there’s something you can do about that. Physical exercise is essential if you want […]

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Healthy Heart Facts

Coffee, sex or alcohol: what is really harmful for our heart? Heart related questions with keys – Find a lot of interesting things and facts about human’s heart 1. How and why is it working? The main purpose of the heart is to disperse the blood through our organism. It practically contains two pumps: the […]

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According to a study 2.5 hours a week of moderate physical activity would prolong life with 3.4 years comparing to those who don’t exercise. Even those who get only half of the recommended hours still add 1.8 years to their lives.
According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people with good hearth health, without high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes or tobacco use, at age 45 were rewarded with additional 14 years of life, without ailments such as heart attacks, chronic heart failure and strokes, compared to those with two of these risk factors.
Here is a simple guide for good cardiovascular health: - be active - eat better - control cholesterol - manage blood pressure - lose weight if needed - reduce blood sugar - stop smoking
A research showed that diet can play a big role and may modify even genes. A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables could help modify gene that can easily pass on heart disease to the next generations.
A study research from University of Oxford showed that a vegetarian diet may be most important factor to reduced heart problems. According to this study, a vegetarian diet could help reduce the risk of heard related diseases and deaths by about 32%.
According to a 19 years long study conducted in the UK, people who eat beans at least four times in a week are 22% less likely to develop a heart disease.
A study conducted in Florida showed that consuming apples may be better that eating any other fruit. The study involved two groups of subjects: the first – apple-eaters and the second – plum-eaters. In a year’s time, people in apple-eating group showed a 23% reduction in LDL (low-density lipoprotein) comparing to the other group. The first group also showed a 14% reduction in overall cholesterol levels.
Other studies showed - The relation between eating nuts multiple times in a week and 30% to 50% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. - People who consume food that contain choline are not predisposed to heart disease. Choline is found in animal products like eggs, liver or fatty fish. - Low levels of vitamin D may trigger serious health problems including cardiovascular diseases. - A sedentary way of life and too much sitting increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.