Food to eat when having gastrointestinal problems or conditions.

easy digestion

Eating constitute a great part of our life and it turned the way we eat and the food we pick have a big impact on the way we look, feel or even the way we behave.
While there are heavy foods for our stomachs to digest, the good news is that there are easy to digest food too and it is plenty.

Easy to digest food must be known especially if you’re suffering from viral infections, if you have chronic digestive conditions or gastrointestinal system issues. Remember that the simpler the better. Foods that are difficult to digest exacerbate the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with many of the digestive conditions.

What should include an easy to digest diet?

Easy to Digest Foods

1.   Non-citrus fruits and juices. Fruits and their juices could be an excellent source to provide vitamins and hydration to the body. Watermelons require less time to digest than other fruits. Peaches, bananas and apricots contain several enzymes that can help increase digestion. Following fruits and juices are very easy to digest: apricots, peaches, nectarines, mango, papaya, pears, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, cranberries, and raspberry.

2.   Well cooked vegetables. Being an important part of the diet, vegetables can be difficult to digest yet. Cooking them makes them easier to digest for those suffering from gastrointestinal issues. Green leafy vegetables are easier to digest because they’re rich in insoluble fiber and unlike high fat foods, are rich in vitamins and minerals, hastening the digestion process. Include these vegetables in your easy to digest diet: alfalfa sprouts, beets, asparagus, carrots, green beans, lettuce, pumpkins, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, and potatoes.

3.   Low-fiber carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a good choice for an easy to digest food. Although fiber is very good for the digestion, they are not very easy to digest. Include rice if you’re suffering from digestive problems and you should also know that although brown rice is nutritionally healthier, white rice is digested more rapidly. Include these carbohydrate rich foods in an easy to digest diet: oats, white rice, white bread, cornmeal, bagels, white flour, soup, porridge, and plain crackers

4.   Yoghurt can be an excellent option for those who need to adopt an easy to digest diet. It provides the calcium needed and lactase – an enzyme that breaks down lactose and prevents digestive problems from dairy food. The live cultures in yogurt help in the digestion process that’s why be careful to buy yogurt that contain ‘live culture’.

5.   Low-fat protein. The best choice to get the necessary proteins when choosing an easy to digest diet is plain chicken. Frying it makes it more difficult to digest but boiling or broiling it would provide you the essential nutrients and an easy to digest meal. Also be sure to include the following low-fat proteins: crabs, non-fat and well cooked fish, ham and poultry, tuna and scrambled eggs.

Find out more about easy to digest food and food to avoid in digestive problems in the next post.

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