Healthy Mind – Healthy Body

Brain activity builds up a healthy body; listen to your mind – help you body

It is a known fact that positive imagery has the capacity to generate positive emotions. The connection between our state of mood and the healing process in some cases is very important. When someone visualizes positive pictures, the effect on its mind has a certain reflections over the physical state of the organism.  All these effects, including self-suggestion will eventually favor the healing process of the body.

THE BELIEF healthy body, mind and soul

Our life experience is formed during years by acknowledging verbal and non-verbal information. We learn to become aware of the reality by acquiring associations and separating information according to our beliefs. An eventually what we become is what we think. The connection between mind and body is often formed using positive imagery. This connection creates a collective body and mind work which eventually will foster our organism and help the healing process.



The connection between body and mind is quite obvious. Emotion first generates a felling, than transform it into a physical effect on our body. In order to analyze that we may use a simple example: for example you hear a bad news; let’s say one of your friends had an accident. On hearing this news you were receiving a negative suggestion through your perception and it generates an emotion of anxiety which turned into the physical sensation and makes you very worried, even if his situation is not so bad. You may produce positive emotions in this case by using positive pictures and visions that will encourage positive sensations of your body. In many cases it will work.


Our body generally reacts to the thoughts we generate. The endocrine system in our body is directly affected by the emotional and feelings we have. For example adrenaline is connected with the sensations of fright and horror. It is a strong interconnection between the sensation of fear and the adrenaline flow. The chemical reactions in our body are a result of our mind work.

The physical reaction to emotions is made in the emotional center of our brain – hypothalamus. The hypothalamus, as well as the receptor of neuro-peptides controls certain important functions and organs of our body as appetite, the level of sugar in blood, body temperature, glands that generate adrenaline, heart, lungs, digestions and blood circulation. Neuro-peptides make a connection of emotions, hormones and cells between mind and body. Its influence over the immune system is also a force that makes our brain and our body to work together as a whole mechanism.



There are billions of pathways that connect our brain to every cell in our body, to every vital system. The brain is divided in two parts: the left one which is responsible for communication, logic, ration and the right one responsible for creativity and imagination. Our daily encounters and events are stocked in the left part of the brain and using the functions of the creative part we are able to make a balance in its work. The interconnection between brain and body helps as to accomplish the think we want. The creative (tight) side of the brain helps us to establish and accomplish our goals. It acts based on automatic judgment and that’s why the imaginary and visualization aim the right side of our brain.


It is a known fact that our health and productivity depend on our mood and emotions we experience. Negative emotions decrease the efficiency of the immune system while positive emotions increase it and lead easier to the expected results.


Visualization has the capacity to strengthen the healing process of our body. For a more efficient stimulation it requires the following:


1. Define your goal
In this case we make our body do what our brain thinks. If we want to accomplish a specific result, we must make our intention:

• Concrete
• Specific
• Accessible
• Believe in its accomplishment

2. Define the responsibility

In this case visualization without a certain responsibility is useless. In order to achieve your goal we must take action and responsibility. Visualization takes usually about 40 days and is done once in morning or in evening. Everyone’s mind and body has its specific characteristics and the results are achieved differently. The elements of responsibility are:

Be responsible to yourself.
• Make an engagement to yourself
• Visualize regularly
• Have patience
• Be optimistic

3. Your mind should be relaxed
In order to reach the subconscious we have to be in a positive relaxed state of mind. The steps to relax are:

• Try to relax in your favorite places.
• Try to be as comfortable as possible
• Arms, legs and other parts of your body should also be relaxed
• Focus on your breath
• Totally relax your body and mind.

4. Visualize
Visualization for healing is a general process. When you relaxed the next step is to realize your visualization.

• State your intention (you may think or state them loudly)
• Close your eye and concentrate on the healing
• Imagine your body healed already
• Try to feel the healing of your body
• Have a strong belief that healing will eventually accomplish

We propose you also some alternative methods:

• Use your imagination to create visions representing the fight of your immune system with the enemy or cells working in your body;
• Imagine a place you would like, a quiet, nice and pleasant place
• Try to make self-hypnosis, use your imagination more profoundly
• Listen to audio-visualization information. Many people use audio information in order to stimulate the perception.
• Try to record your own tape with your own voice

Visualization has the role to lead you to health and prosperity. If we want to be healed the physical intervention is not good enough, pay serious attention to your mind healing force, using visualization.

Being active helps keep a healthy mind !