Top 10 methods to shorten your life – A List of Bad Advice

It would be wise to read and do it otherwise ( living a healthy lifestyle is way to prevent diseases)

Rocker Tommy Lee once said:” We are here not to live long, but to have fun”.

Many of us are following this advice, by poisoning our body and having a dangerous way of life. Do you want to know if you are messing with your life? Here is the list of self-destructive catalysts. 10. Give up your sleep
Lack of sleep (less than 7-8 ours in a day) is connected to a series of health problems, including obesity, diabetes and cancer. Tiredness is a risk factor, as well as alcohol is. As little we sleep, as greater is the risk of our body self-destruction.  Lack of sleep side effects link, Insomnia solutions link

9. Ignore the physicians
Many people consider that their health is not worth for a half-hour visit to the doctor. The skipping of medical examinations and consultations is directly connected with self-destruction and shortening your life.

8. Grow dull your brain
If you don’t want to avoid the Alzheimer disease, try to read less, avoid to make crosswords and play logical games. Degenerative brain diseases are very often in the old ages and regular”brain exercises” can avoid them. Increase your intellect and stay young link

7. Make a lot of sex
The sex itself is not harmful at all. Another question is how we are doing it. If you are following the self-destructive way, you continue to ignore protection, know few things about your partners and do not check for your venereal diseases. Many venereal diseases may lead to sterility and in this case you not only destroy your life, but ignore the apparition of a new one.

6. Spent much time driving cars
Car accidents are the main cause of people death aged between 1 and 35. Much time spent for driving, combined with failure to comply with the traffic regulations increase your chances to shorten your life.

5. Drink a lot
A moderate consuming of alcohol, especially of red wine is useful for your organism. But if the purpose is self-destruction there should be no moderate quantities. Except alcoholism, the consummation of alcohol leads to serious liver damages or even diabetes.

4. Increase the stress
The stress increases our chances to get sick. During chronic stress our adrenal gland works too fast and exhaust itself, a fact that lead to the weakening of the immune system.

3. Watch TV
Television is not only entertaining, it can keep us on the couch for hours. In USA, for example, people spent in front of TV about 9 years of their life. This years can be used for doing something useful.

2. Smoke
The cigarettes are called cancer sticks. Diseases, connected to smoking, are on the second place of causes of death in USA. Only one cigarette will raise your blood pressure and decelerate the blood circulation. Helpful tips to quit smoking link

1. Poor nourishment
Every year at least 400 000 Americans die as a result of products they are eating. Heart diseases are on the first place among causes of death. Some of them are caused by different genetic factors, but most are caused by consumption of fat and sweet food. Nutrition and healthy eating, healthy food ideas link, Tips for healthy eating link, Nutrition for a healthy heart link

For your own health it would be wise not to stick to any of the bad advice and do it otherwise. The ‘scary’ list may be printed and putted in a visible place to be read every now and then. Stay healthy!

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