Cold and flu prevention tips – how to become healthy in cold and flu season

You must know from the beginning that there are no known cures for cold and flu, so prevention is the best you can do. If you have a healthy lifestyle it would be easy for you to stay healthy this season but for those of you who live a life in a single day it would be more complicated not to catch cold and flu. There are several rules to stay away from illness this season and if you want you could print the list and put it on the fridge to be seen and read by all family members.

1. Wash your hands with soap and hot water every time you come home and every time you use the bathroom, before every meal. Have your nails cut short. Most viruses are spread by air or contact and germs may live for hours or even weeks on the objects touched by an infected person. Wear in your pocket a hand sanitizer and if you don’t have possibility to wash your hands use it instead of water.

2. Don’t smoke. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice at least hundred of times but still try at least to cut the number of smoked cigarettes. Be aware! Statistics show that smokers get more easily colds and flu and more severe ones.

3. Cut alcohol consumption. Alcohol dehydrates the body and weakens the immune system.

4. Put away the vitamin pill and eat multicoloured fruits and vegetables.

5. >Get a lot of sleep. Seven to eight hours every night would be enough for your body to keep the immune system boosted. To fight viruses that can induce a cold or flu your body should be relaxed and rested. (more on and

6. Don’t touch your face. Touching your face skin can be the cause of infection because viruses enter human body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

7. Do aerobics, yoga or simply exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week). Exercising regularly would help increase the body’s natural virus killing cells.

8. Drink a lot of fluids. Stay hydrated helping this way your body to keep a strong immune system.

9. Eat yogurt, baked apples and pears or take pro-biotic pills. Eating food that induces ‘’good’ bacteria in your intestine you help your body fight with viruses.

10. Eat antioxidant rich food (walnuts, broccoli, whole-grains, artichokes, read more) and omega-3 fatty acids food (salmon, sardines, flax seeds). They have a protective shield against stress and inflammation and enhance immune system.

Foods that increase immunity

11. Stay relaxed. If you know some meditation techniques or yoga relaxation exercises and you are doing them regularly, you’re helping your entire body, especially in cold and flu season, and boost your immune system. Try to imagine something nice or pleasant for at least 10 minutes a day while keeping your eyes closed.

Health benefits of vacation

12. Avoid sick people. It would be great that everyone who’s sick to stay home and treat the cold or flu but that’s SF or plot from a utopia novel. That’s why reduce the contact with people who’re sick or wear a surgical mask when you’re inside. The masks would be best to be changed more often and even though when you come home wash your face with soap and warm water.

13. Limit the sugar intake and for at least the cold season try to stay away from junk food. Sugar and junk food may weaken your immune system.

Eating healthy tips

When is cold and flu season

You can get a cold year round and the flu season is from November to late March

Having healthy living habits and respecting simple rules you may easily stay healthy in this cold and flu season.

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