13 benefits of exercising regularly – what says science about benefits over hearth health

Hearth Health with Regular Physical Exercises

Hearth is affected by many factors, internal or external but one of the top risk factors is a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. It’s a risk factor but there’s something you can do about that.
Physical exercise is essential if you want to keep your hearth healthy.

Regular exercise has many benefits:

1. It helps improve blood circulation and help body use oxygen better.

2. Improve muscle tone and strength.

3. Improve sleep.

4. Help reduce anxiety, depression, tension and stress. more on http://stress-self-help.com/

5. Reduce body fat and help reach a healthy weight.

6. Improve balance and joint flexibility.

7. Help lower blood pressure.

8. Strengthen bones and increase endurance.

9. Strengthen heart and cardiovascular system. read more on Prevention is the Key to Cope with Heart Diseases

10. Increase energy levels and improve sexual life.

11. Boost self-esteem and make you look fit and feel healthy.

12. Make you feel relaxed and rested.

13. Help reduce LDL level (‘bad’ cholesterol), as well as total cholesterol, and raise the HDL level (‘good’ cholesterol) read more

There are many benefits in regular physical activity but the most important of them is the improvement of hearth health.

Evidence from many scientific studies shows that physical exercise decreases the chance of having a heart attack or experiencing another cardiac event. If physical activity to combine with other lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking introducing a balanced diet, can have even better results on hearth and overall health.

Regular physical activity has been identified as strongly associated with a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease and related mortality. However, episodic exercise such as sex, emotional stress, or intense physical exertion carries as much as a 3.5 times additional risk as a trigger for adverse cardiac events. Research documents that the risk of an adverse cardiac event is decreased by 45% for each additional time per week a person exercises to get back into good physical condition.

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