Smoking may drive you nuts

Researches proved smoking being even dangerous for younger smokers’ brain – Smoking may influence the mood and temper not in the best manner

American researchers state that smoking in adolescence may lead to psychical disorders after several decades.The scientists of Florida University reached to this conclusion. A group headed by psychology professor Carlos Bolanos studied the influence of nicotineusing the laboratory rats. Don’t be surprised: even animal may be submitted to psychological disorders. In this way, the animals that participated inprofessor’s Bolanos researches fell into depression. They became more sensible to stress, were permanently nervous and fell no pleasure during the eatingprocess and of other external stimulants.These are the main symptoms of depression among people. Thus the test proved that nicotine may lead to psychological disorders and the effect is postponed for years, even decades.

The experiment took place in two stages. Young rats were injected a small doze of nicotine. Then the scientists had to wait until the rats will grow older and carried their tests. One of them had as a purpose to analyze the rats’ reactions to stress, other to analyze their reaction to pleasure. Accordingly in these tests there participated “rats-smokers” and rats which didn’t get nicotine.

As it was expected the rats from the nicotine group proved signs of depression. They were reacting indifferently to rewards, ignored their favorite food andin stress situation practically showed a lack of any action. This reaction was common even for the rats that got a single doze of nicotine. As Bolanos explained, even the insignificant smoking experience may have an effect on the psychic setup.
– I was very surprised to find that even a one day influence of the nicotine can have such complicated consequences – stated Bolanos for Science Daily.

But it was discovered an interesting fact: the symptoms of depression that rats had were overcome by the antidepressants that were found in the same nicotine. The conclusion was that at some point the cigarettes have the same principle of action as drugs have.
Another interesting observation of scientists was the fact that this depressive action of nicotine may be observed only in early ages, mainly in adolescence.

If you begin to smoke in an older age the effect will not be the same. It is obvious that nicotine has its influence over the immature nervous system a fact that lead to serious consequences in its development. But the way these changes concretely occurs it is still unknown for the scientists.

The connection between smoking and psychical disorders were observed earlier in the physician’s researches. Taking into account the fact that human behavior is very complex and influenced by many factors the concrete role of smoking in this matter can not be proven by any experiment. But the researches of Florida doctors definitely show the fact that smoking can influence our mood and often not in the best manner.

Smoking information for teens: Early smoking may induce psychical disorders