Coffee, sex or alcohol: what is really harmful for our heart?

Heart related questions with keys – Find a lot of interesting things and facts about human’s heart

1. How and why is it working?
The main purpose of the heart is to disperse the blood through our organism. It practically contains two pumps: the first (the left one) favors the circulation of blood through arteries. This blood is called arterial and is rich in oxygen, glucose, minerals and vitamins. When it passes through blood veins, the organism is filled with the necessary substances and gets rid of unnecessary ones, like carbonic acid. After a full cycle the blood is returning to the heart, this time to its right “pump” which lead it into lungs. There blood is filled with oxygen, gets rid of carbonic acid and is returned to the heart. Then the cycle restarts.

2. Are the heart diseases contagious?
Some of them are very contagious, because heart, as well as every other organ may be charged with infectious diseases. The most popular is infective endocarditis, which affected more often men than women. It is encountered among people after 50 years old and has a lethal consequence.

3. How to detect if you have problems with your heart?
There is a large amount of symptoms and signs that reveal heart diseases. Among them we may name chest ache, edemas of the lower parts of body and of feet, short breaths, insomnia (caused by breathing difficulties), headaches, tiredness and extra weight. All these symptoms may be caused by other diseases, but it is recommended to check your heart situation.

4. Does the first heart attack mean you will have the second?
In many cases – yes. Unfortunately, heart attack can easily be repeated. If you had one heart attack or a stroke, the risk to get the second one is much higher, than for other people.

5. Are the heart diseases hereditary?
Yes. According to researches the genetic factor defines 50% of heart diseases cases.

6.  Can the heart be treated with…alcohol?
It is not possible to cure your heart with alcohol, but in some cases consumption of moderate doses of alcohol is useful. Small portions of alcohol increased the amount of “good” cholesterol in your blood and favor a good state of the veins. Besides, alcohol has the property to dilute the blood and to favor the blood circulation. But the consumption of the alcohol should not be at all excessive.

7.  How aging favors the deterioration of your heart?
While aging the risk of contracting heart diseases is increasing, for example in case of coronary disease. As older we are, as less elastic are our vessels (veins). It favors the hypertension and the risk of heart attacks and strokes. There are heart attacks at 35 or 40 years, but these cases are very rare. The largest number of strokes and attacks are after 60.


8.  When you quit smoking the risk of heart diseases decreases?
According to researchers when you quit smoking the risk of death as a result of heart disease is reduced by 36%.

9. Whose heart is weaker: men’s heart or women’s heart?
It depends on the disease. As we mentioned men’s heart is more often submitted to infectious diseases. In cases of hypertension everything is much more difficult. Men aged between 30 and 44 more often have hypertension, while women have this problem especially after 55.

10. How the loss of blood, including donor-ship influences the heart?
It has a direct influence. After the blood loss, the blood pressure is decreasing, you experience headache, weakness, nausea. But the cardiovascular system has the property to compensate the lack of blood by increasing the heart rhythm and by vessels contraction. As a result the pressure will stabilize and you will feel better. Usually this process lasts for a few minutes and has no important consequences.

11. How does the early obesity influence the heart?
Negative. Fat children are more often submitted to cardiovascular diseases, even if in time they will loose the weight. According to statistics, about 155 millions children all around the world (about 10% of children between 5 and 17) have early obesity.


12. Is it possible to make a heart attack as a result of Viagra use?
Initially the drug, which is now called “Viagra” was elaborated as a medicine for a series of heart diseases. The “side effect” of this wonder pill, became initially their main function and was discovered accidentally during clinical experiments. When Sildenafil (the real name of the element) just appeared in sales some doctors state that these pills killed their patients. But the further researches proved that amount of people which died from Sildenafil is not higher than amount of demises of simple heart sufferers.



13.  What is the normal blood pressure?
As the researches proved, the smaller percent of cardiovascular problems have the people with permanent pressure 130/80.

14.  Is it possible to cure hypertension?
Not yet. Usually the cure for people with hypertension is permanent use of medications (usually their effect last for 24 hours and they have to take these medications daily).

15.  How harmful is coffee for the heart?
Caffeine has the property to increase heart beating, but is harmful for a healthy heart. But if you had already problems with this organ or if there are premises for heart disease (hereditary, for example) it is better to avoid coffee. It is important to know that caffeine is also present in other drinks like tea, especially green, in cola and in almost all energy drinks.

Take care about your body’s ‘engine’ and live a long happy life