7 ways to improve your metabolism

There are very few people who are able to eat everything they want and still not put on weight. Not many people have a perfect metabolism. In order to help the calories which enter our organism we have to respect certain rules.

Having breakfast

The metabolism decelerate in nighttime, when we don’t consume food for 9-12 hours. When we refuse to have breakfast we give a signal to our metabolism not to begin its activity and continue to sleep. The organism decide it have to protect its energy until the receipt of food. Breakfast has the capacity to stimulate the metabolism, in this way reminding the organism it has to begin the working process.

Drink green tea

Green tea is a fount of useful substances. But the most important is the fact that green tea contains phenols, which clean the liver, helping the organism to get read of toxins and thermogenics – substances, which have the property to burn fats, assuring a more efficient work of the metabolism.


Eat carefully

Concentrate not on the fact WHAT are you eating, but HOW are you eating. The process of digestion begins with the moment you smell the food you intend to eat. Therefore it is not recommended to eat in front of the monitor, while watching TV or while reading a book or a magazine. Concentrate on the process of food consummation, eat slowly and chew carefully.

Take into account the subtleties of diet

Our organism requires a diversity of products. The only exception can be our breakfast. The metabolism will reward us if we will eat porridge regularly (every morning). In order to be more tasteful we can add some fruits or natural yogurt. Fresh juice is also very useful in the morning (if it is too sweet, we may dissolve it with water).


Physical exercises will help us burn our fats

It is not important when you carry your physical exercises in the morning or in the evening. The morning exercises will help to activate the working process of your body and to line up the level of endorphins which will fill your day with positive emotions and good mood. On the other side in the evening the muscles are in their maximal tone, and it is less probably to get muscle pulls while making sports. In the evening the organism is in the peak of cheerfulness and calories are burnt faster. Active exercises will help you to increase the musculature and decrease the fat mass of your body. As bigger is the muscle mass as active is the metabolism, because the calories are expended for the muscles and not for the fat accumulation.

Try to walk more often

If you don’t have time to undertake walks or to do physical exercises try to use other methods. For example, don’t use the elevator at home or in your office. If your home or office is too high, you can walk a few floors by feet and the rest using the elevator. You can climb on the elevator and go down on the stairs. You can also replace the use of public transport with a few stations walk. The metabolism will show its gratitude in the future and will fill your day with positive mood.


Don’t ignore the vitamins and the minerals

Calcium, zinc, selenium will accelerate the metabolism and will stimulate the work of lymph system. Consult your physician, dietician, or fitness coach what kind of vitamins are better for you and for your body.

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environment

Substitute junk food with healthy food, take longer walks and be an optimist – that’s the secret not only of a good metabolism but of a good life in general.

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