Inflammation and its hidden sides – What is inflammation and should it be taken seriously?

Answering to the question ‘what is inflammation?’ it’s important to distinguish the two types of inflammation: the first is ACUTE inflammation which is a healthy response by the body to different harmful conditions and the second is CHRONIC inflammation that’s a silent, dangerous, and out of control immune reaction. In other words inflammation is a necessary and an important biological process that allows your body to recover being at the same time a response to fighting with infection and a natural healing process.

Without inflammation it would be impossible to heal from injuries or infections.

There are several signs of inflammation:


Inflammation is frequently associated with general FLU symptoms that include: FEVER, CHILLS, HEADACHES, LOSS OF ENERGY AND FATIGUE, LOSS OF APPETITE AND MUSCLE STIFFNESS.
These signs can be signs of other conditions that’s why having them you should consult a physician.

But what causes the symptoms of inflammation? When it occurs specific chemicals from the body are released into the blood stream or affected tissue, this chemicals release increasing the blood flow to the affected area. It may have as a result redness, warmth, swelling or pain.

What inflammation is damaging in your body? Inflammation has been linked to numerous age related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lupus, allergies, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, pancreatitis, ulcers, irritable Bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis and weakness. It’s a silent killer that first weakens your immune system and body, being an open gate for different conditions. A prolonged inflammation can be devastating for your health even if inflammation is a part of the healing process.

Some people experience low level ongoing inflammation without even knowing it, that fact being a crucial factor in developing a chronic disease. Inflammation can be a silent killer because it doesn’t cause any pain; body can fight it for long years injuring at the same time brain, heart and immune system. An inflammation left under control can lead to a series of conditions from psoriasis to dementia.

What is the cause and factors that maintain chronic inflammation?

The answer isn’t something that you didn’t know: lifestyle and diet. When talking about all the diseases and conditions these two factors are prevailing over other important factors like inherited genes. So smoking, a diet high in sugar and trans fats, stress, inadequate lifestyle are the main factors contributing to maintaining chronic inflammation.

Inflammation should be taken seriously because it can affect internal organs. An inflammation of the heart may cause chest pain or fluid retention; inflammation of the kidneys may be a cause of high blood pressure or kidney failure.

Pay attention to any of the signs of inflammation and if you suspect one consult a doctor before undertaking serious steps in fighting with a condition. Note that a healthy lifestyle and diet are essential in maintaining a strong healthy body.

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