How to safely detox your body – What do you need to know when going on a detoxifying diet?

There are several important things to know when stepping on a detox diet. There are many advices to be told, there are many diets to be tried but there are also general rules valuable for every detoxifying diet.

The first thing you should know is that your body wouldn’t accept any drastic changes. So what would happen if you drastically reduce the amount you eat or change your diet in one day? It would be a stress for your immune system and it would certainly respond to your actions in a manner that would make you think that it’s something wrong with your new diet. So what can you do to avoid the mistakes from the beginning? It would be wise to start slowly reducing the amount you eat, for example, or combining principles of your new diet with your actual diet. A slowly implementing would allow you habituate with the new diet.
If you were used to caffeine, smoking or alcohol drinking any drastic changes would probably bring you dizziness or headaches. Slowly increase the quantity of water you drink, fruit and vegetable you eat, slowly decrease the quantity of alcohol, coffee, tea, the number of cigarettes you smoke. A gentle transition from your actual lifestyle to a healthy one would be the best your body can get and the key to your body detoxification.

Don’t choose any drastic diet especially in winter.

Don’t try to get everything in one day. If you have high expectancies from your new detoxifying diet and you won’t get them in a short time you’ll probably loose motivation but being motivated is the catalyst in everything you’re doing.

Eat organic food to help eliminate toxins in your body by reducing them in food you’re eating. (Organic Natural Food Nutritional Benefits url)

Use everything with moderation. To be sure that you’re on the right way try to be moderated even with your detoxifying diet. Chose smaller amount of ate food and stick to moderate portion sizes.

Avoid stressors as much as possible (What causes stress read here). Avoid: caffeine, alcohol, foods high in fat, sugar and salt, ready-made foods, and processed foods; choose instead food that is close to its natural state.

Be active but as with a balanced diet exercising should be implemented slowly. Try to set realistic goals gradually building your activity levels. Whatever your choice would be, walking or yoga postures, it would be a great help for your body in fighting with toxins.

Meditation and breathing techniques will help calm your mind and help get rid of ‘mind toxins’.

To be continued with other tips and advice on how to detoxicate gently and without any health problem.