Food products that lower the cholesterol levels – natural remedies for lowering ldl cholesterol

19 products lowering LDL levels

1. CHERRIES. American scientists discovered that the daily consumption of cherries decrease the cholesterol, as well as the risk to get other diseases as diabetes and arthritis.  It is not necessarily to consume fresh cherries. It is also very useful in forms of juice, jam or compote. The darker cherries are, the better is their curing effect, because the darker pigment contains the healing elements. 2. ARTICHOKE. Traditionally the extracts of this plant leaves are used in healing the gastritis and urinary tracts.  Now the British researchers recommend consuming it also for cardiovascular diseases prevention.  The researches proved that daily consumption for a three month period, of artichoke extract decrease the level of cholesterol for a long period.

3. BILBERRIES. Researches carried by the Ministry of Agriculture of USA proved that bilberries are rich in Pterostilbene – an antioxidant which may also be found in grapes and in red wine. According the American scientists, this substance is capable to stimulate the cholesterol exchange in our body, thereby decreasing the amount of harmful molecules. It has the same healing power as a series of medications.

4. TEA. The researches regarding tea properties were carried in China – the country in which the tea culture is very important. The Chinese physicians state that black tea, as well as the green one is capable to decrease the level of cholesterol by 16%, but it is not enough to consume the tea as a drink. During the experiment, the patients were consuming capsules with tea extract which represented the equivalent of 35 cups of black tea and 7 cups of green tea. The consuming of daily quantity of this amount is impossible and harmful for health. But it is recommended to drink about 5 cups per day to feel it healthy effect on our organism.

5. WALNUT. Many nuts, including the Brazilian ones, almonds and chestnuts contain useful saturated fats which combat the cholesterol in our body and decrease the probability of getting diabetes. The walnuts contain the largest amount of this element. But the excessive use of these nuts may be not so good for our shape.

6. OLIVE OIL. One of the best products with well monounsaturated fats to lower cholesterol. It was demonstrated olive oil to lower LDL keeping HDL levels stable, protecting at the same time blood vessels. Contains the same amount of useful fats as the nuts do.

7. HARICOT. It contains a special sort of cellulose which is capable to take out the cholesterol out of our body. The experiment of the American scientist in nourishment – James U. Anderson, proved that 300 grams of boiled haricot is enough to decrease to 20% the cholesterol level in three weeks.

8. CRANBERRY JUICE. With its antioxidant properties can raise good cholesterol levels;

9. GRAPE JUICE. It contains resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant that lowers bad cholesterol and protects the lining arteries. Check the sugar content on the package or if you like better fresh juice don’t forget to dilute it with water. Don’t drink grape juice in the evening because you risk having a sleepless night.

10. OAT BRAN. This product has been demonstrated to substantially lower cholesterol levels being recognized by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) as a hearth-healthy product.

11. GARLIC. Has been shown that garlic, with its high content of allicin, lowers LDL and raises the levels of HDL (‘good’ cholesterol)

Other very important food products:


Healthy LDL cholesterol levels

Total Cholesterol Level – Less than 200 mg/dL – Desirable

LDL Cholesterol Level – Less than 100 mg/dL – Desirable
Healthy levels of cholesterol are as follows:
* Total cholesterol – less than 5 mmol/L
* LDL cholesterol – less than 3 mmol/L
* HDL cholesterol – more than 1 mmol/L

How much daily cholesterol is healthy

The daily recommended cholesterol limit is less than 300 milligrams for people with normal LDL (bad) cholesterol levels

No matter whatever food product you choose for you cholesterol lowering diets always remember to test the product on allergic reactions.