Which products increase the level of cholesterol?

Lower your cholesterol levels without drugs. Know your enemy in face and decrease your LDL levels in a natural way.

For a while now, many people have been influenced of the opinion that foods that contain fats should be totally eliminated from their daily meal. First of all we should start with the idea that this opinion is completely wrong. We may not get cholesterol directly from food but human body produces the most of it and some researchers believe that less we consume, the more the body produces. It’s a paradox but it seems to be true. Bad food products for your cholesterol levels.

1. MILK PRODUCTS. Milk, cheese, cream and other milk products which have a large amount of fats increase the level of cholesterol. In this case, if you like to consume milk it is recommended to find non-fat or low-fat milk products.

2. RED MEAT. If you care about your cholesterol try to avoid consuming pork or beef. The best choice in this case is the white meat, especially turkey: it is considered the most dietary bird meat. Before the consummation we have to remove the hide, because it contains an amount of harmful fat.

3. MARGARINE Most of manufacturers produce margarine based on so-called trans-fats, which according to researches “kill” over 150 000 people per year in USA. We have to remember that margarine is sold not only as a separate products in packages, but also is contained in many confectionary and baking food.

Many products of this type also contain trans-fats and namely pop-corn, donuts, chips. According the physicians, if you avoid these products you will decrease twice the level of cholesterol.
Other bad food or habits to reduce or totally eliminate: ALCOHOL, SMOKING, Chicken or Turkey fried in fat, Beef Bologna, Fried Shrimp, Egg Biscuit

The real problem is when you try to combine few types of high cholesterol food. Knowing ‘bad foods’ and trying to reduce it from your menu doesn’t guarantee a significant cholesterol level. You might also take into consideration other methods of lowering cholesterol levels such as vegetables intake and exercise.

List of food not to eat with high cholesterol

Whole-milk dairy products, Butter, Margarines, Cream, Ice cream, Cream cheese, Certain shellfish (such as shrimp), Organ meats (such as kidney and brain), Duck and goose, Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Processed meats (such as hot dogs, sausage, bologna, and salami), Baked goods, Commercially baked goods , Coconuts and coconut oil, Snack foods, Fried foods

Remember that high cholesterol foods are GOOD if eaten in MODERATION!

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